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Soon Industrial on Southeast Asia Building Nov/DEC 2017

Southeast Asia Building on Bex Asia had interviewed the general manager of Soon Industrial, Mr. Pan.

"Soon Industrial Co Ltd, based in Taichung City, Taiwan, specializes in motion system design and application. It started in 1998 and now has nearly 20 years of experience in linear actuators. Inline design is the most significant advantage of the company's products. It can reduce the mounting area, protect products, and can be well fitted to any space.

At BEX Asia 2017, Soon Industrial showcased its Automatic Windows.

Opener with Linear Actuators is designed to improve the ventilation of your building. It has precision-machined gear, three times efficiency, weather-resistant, and 100 percent aluminum alloy.

"Our product works with sensors, and it can be installed in many different types of windows," said Show Pan, General Manager, Soon Industrial Co Ltd.

The product is suitable for commercial buildings, healthcare centers, greenhouse, gyms, restaurants, educational buildings, factory/warehouse, and residential.

For more information, visit"

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