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  • Request Of Our Latest Product Catalog.
    Here is the online version of our latest product catalog. Please download the catalog from google drive: or If you need hard copies, please provide details of the recipient's details to, including the company name, address, phone numbers, and contact person.
  • Where To Buy Our Products?
    There're several ways to buy our products. 1. Contact us directly. We will assign one of our sales agents to recommend right products for your applications and arrange payment and shipment. 2. Online store If you very confirm the specs of the products you need. You may purchase online: Soon Industrial Online Store: (Standard products) 3. Need a local agent for service. We are looking for a distributor around the world. Please contact us directly and provide your country. We will give you our local distributor list.
  • How To Choose Actuators According Loading Capacity?
    There are general range for you to reference. 1. Less than 20 kgf - KST-SL02 2. Less than 20 kgf to 40 kgf - KST-C01 3. Less than 40 kgf to 60 kgf - KST-A02、KST-C02、KST-S01 4. Less than 60 kgf to 80 kgf - KST-A01、KST-E01 5. Less than 80 kgf to 100 kgf - KST-E02 6. Less than 100 kgf to 120 kgf - KST-S02
  • Actuators For Outdoor Applications?
    We recommend KST-S01 or KST-S02 spindle actuators for outdoor applications. The standard spec of both spindle actuators is IP 65 rated. If there is a rainy or humid area, you may upgrade to IP 67 rated spec. If the environment is semi-outdoor. Windows are sheltering from the rain under the eaves. KST-A01 linear actuators can also be a part of window operating system applications. All KST series actuators are provided 1-year warranty for one-to-one exchange.
  • How To Choose Window Actuators For My Windows?
    We have a general category for the following 4 types of windows: 1. Outward Opening Windows include: side opened, top opened, bottom opened. 2. Skylight Windows 3. Jalousie Windows ( Louvered Windows ) 4. Sliding Windows Or you may send us pictures or drawings with the dimension of your windows. We will recommend the most suitable window-opening system for you.
  • I Need Customized Product. Do You Have Minimum Order Quantities?
    We could customized following specs: 1. Stroke Length (MOQ 10 pcs) 2. Color of outer aluminum case (MOQ 50 pcs) 3. Speed (Only KST-A01 linear actuators, MOQ 10 pcs) * The price will be lower for orders are more than 100 pcs.
  • What The Terms And Condition Of Placing Orders?
    Please refer to the General Terms And Conditions Of Sales: 1. Payment: T/T, PayPal, 100% deposit before shipment. 2. Carriers: DHL, FedEx/TNT, Post office 3. Warranty: Actuators and Controllers for 12 months; One For One Exchange Warranty. 4. Duty taxes are not included in the quota.
  • Consultation About Automatic Window Opening System
    We provide free Automatic Window Opening System planning. Please provide us the following details of your windows. We will assign one experienced engineer to help you. 1. Window dimension with drawings or photos 2. Operation system: parallel control/ remote control/ app control/ fire system, or other applications. 3. Materials of the Window frame. 4. Preferring opening range/ angle. !! We strongly recommend confirming with us before placing orders !!
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