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Soon Industrial at WorldBex, Manila


Soon Industrial joined WorldBex in Manila this year. Soon Industrial introduced our KST series Automatic Window Openers and Linear Actuators to architecture companies, windows, doors companies, building companies, etc. It's the new solution for opening high windows electrically without changing the original windows.

WorldBex, Philippines

WorldBex is the biggest construction exposition in Philippines. This event including various building materials, including construction equipment, building materials, interior decor items, garden, and landscaping tools and accessories, DIY home improvement kits, lighting systems, alternative energy sources, and such other products in an ambiance well suited for extensive business growth and networking in the Building Construction, Home Furnishings & Home Textiles, Architecture & Designing, Real Estate Agents industries.

The perspective of Automatic Window Openers in Philippines

The most popular window frames are aluminum and uPVC. Since KST window openers are based on linear actuators with 80kgf. Therefore, we suggest there should be reinforcement inside the uPVC window frames. With this reinforcement steel chip, windows could stand the strong force of our KST-A series linear actuator and work well for a long time.

With the economic recovery of Philippines, there are more and more luxury houses or resorts are under construction. High windows and skylight windows are the essential element for these houses. They usually use fixed windows for letting the light in and adding expansive views. But it's a pity that the windows were losing their natural ventilation functions.

During the exhibition at WorldBex, many window companies were amazed by the automatic window opening mechanism. People thought it's a very convenient way to open high windows. Sunrooms are also popular in Philippines to enjoy the sunlight without the heat. With automatic window openers, people could open the skylight windows by remote control for exhausting warm air around the roof.

The power systems are not very stable in Philippines. Many customers are concerned about how to open windows when there is a power outage. Most of the automatic window opener devices are fixed on the window frames with brackets. So it's hard to open the windows manual. But KST-SL01 automatic window openers are specially designed for sliding windows. We connect the window sash with the device by a switchable bracket. People could open windows electrically or manually.

Our sample windows with automatic mechanisms are exhibiting in the showroom of our partner in Manila. The showroom will be open soon. Please follow us for the latest news.

Next time meet you in Manila

It's great to meet so many friendly people during WorldBex 2019. We are looking forward to meeting you again soon.

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  • Show Room at Philippine: coming soon


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