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Soon Industrial at 2017 BEX ASIA, Singapore

※Date: 12th Sep. to 14th Sep., 2017

※Place: Singapore

※Venue: Marina Bay Sands

※Booth no: M34

Automatic window openers have become essential elements in modern architecture, not only for green buildings but also for a wide range of buildings. Soon Industrial Co., Ltd. will introduce the newest inline linear actuators as window openers on BEX ASIA, 2017.

Improving natural ventilation is critical when starting a new building project or renovating old buildings. Automatic window opener systems can connect with temperature, rain, humidity, or smoke sensors. Facilities will automatically control the open and close of windows according to the optimal settings of programs. Make the environment more comfortable for people without HAVC and extra energy consumption. As to those high-level windows or skylights for natural ventilation, by using automatic window openers, we can control those windows much more quickly.

To have a perfect combination with cutting-edge architecture. Soon Industrial adopted inline designed linear actuator. The case of the product was made of 100% aluminum alloy with anti-cathode oxidation treatment. KST-A01 series linear actuator is rated IP54. Pass over 10,000 times a durable test, which is much more concise, saving the mounting space and excellent weather resistance. Those architects who are pursuing aesthetics of interior design are also eager to introduce fresh air indoor. Soon’s products are the best choice for them.

Automatic window openers could be applied in many places. Such as, crowded space need fresh air for people, large-scale buildings need natural ventilation instead of expensive HAVC, or humidity control for economic crops or preventing sudden rain, etc. Therefore, automatic window openers are suitable for commercial buildings, households, greenhouses, warehouses, restaurants, libraries, shopping malls, public buildings, schools, healthcare centers, gymnasiums, etc.

Soon Industrial is specialized in motion system design and application. We are starting from 1998 in Taiwan, with nearly 20 years of experience in linear actuators. Their products are mainly applied as automatic window openers. The products could help people to improve the natural ventilation of all range of architecture. And open those windows where people couldn’t reach. Inline design, precision-machined gear, and efficient working or mechanism is the most significant advantage of Soon’s products. Products have been well made in Taiwan, introducing them to the global market.

In addition to inline linear actuators, Soon Industrial will also introduce chain actuators, spindle actuators, toothed cable window opener on BEX ASIA. To learn more about Soon’s products, the application of automatic window openers, or how to improve ventilation. Visit them at BEX ASIA booth M34, from 12 to 14 September 2017. Or visit the website at

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