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Open Windows in Jakarta

※Event: Taiwan Expo 2018

※Date: 29th to 31 March, 2018

※Place: Jakarta, Indonesia

※Venue: Jakarta Convention Center (Exhibition Hall A & B)

※Booth no: 420

This March, Soon Industrial join Taiwan Expo 2018 in Jakarta. The exhibitors came from various industries, from home products, food, beauty, health, electronics, machinery, etc.

Soon Industrial brought the newest product, KST-SL01 Electric Sliding Window Opener, to the Taiwan Expo in Jakarta. Sliding windows are the most popular type of window in Asia. However, sometimes, the windows are too high for elders or children to open. The electric window openers are the right product for them and high-level windows.

In addition to the KST-SL01 electric sliding window opener, KST-A01 linear actuators with electric louver, KST-C01 chain actuator with awning window.

The temperature and humidity are both very high for tropical countries. And occasionally afternoon thundershower. Therefore, natural ventilation and closing window in time are very important for local people.

During the exhibition, many architects, contractors, window and door manufacturers came to Soon Industrial's booth to discuss the application, mechanism, and installation.

Soon Industrial focus on the application of linear actuators on electric window openers. Open the windows where you couldn't reach—introducing well-made products from Taiwan to the global market. See you next time, Jakarta.


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